Tuesday, May 20, 2008

new music...

I think I need to be stopped! In the last 2 weeks I have bought 4 albums off itunes. It's my way of bribing myself while I have to work. This is how it goes in my head...

well if i have to work tonight/weekend i might as well have new music to listen too. that will make me feel so much better and keep my mind on happy things.

I think itunes is loving me right now! And I probably need to seek help.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today is my Paulsen Anniversary #11. Wow I have been working there a long time.
I must be getting old ;)

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Today I was ready etsy's blog section of their site AND they had a post about Harry Whittier Frees. He was a photographer and children's book author (1879-1953). I recognized his photography. When we were little we had some of his books. I think they were my moms when she was little. I have not thought about these books in forever! The photos were so cool/odd and none of my friends had books like these. I guess Harry is becoming famous again. Some of his images have been re-printed in a book.

It's amazing that you can see an image and it can take you to another place. I am going to have to find these books next time I go home.

(Bryce do you remember these?)

* you can read about Harry Whittier Frees here.

best ebay purchase ever!

These arrived today. They could be the best group of spoons ever. I can't wait to make them into jewelry ;)