Monday, November 19, 2007

jewelry saturday...

Thanks to everyone who made Saturday so special!

Friday night was a marathon of jewelry making. A big thanks to Bobbi...who saved my life! I would have never made it without her! Friday night was kind of a blur. At one point B said...ok, we are quitting at midnight. This must be typical designer mode, never done ahead of time even when we try :)

Also thanks to everyone who stopped by on Saturday to chat and look at jewelry, you truly made the day special.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

how you know its a package from dad...

I received a box today and opening it made me laugh. I always know its from dad when it contains something from the ACE store and its wrapped in part of the Lincoln paper...usually the sports section.

Today the box contained a new soldering gun to finish our girl craft day art and clamp/holder, so we don't burn our fingers off and the sports section. He is the best :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well Saturday is the day....the face the public and try to sell jewelry day. Scary!! I am actually taking a vacation day tomorrow to make jewelry. I am looking forward to it. Listening to my ipod all day and wearing my fleece crocks. I can't wait!

Friday, November 09, 2007

concepting and a special k bar

Katie & I are the Kaladis concepting a new project. So far I think we have a pretty good solution. I think what really helped us come up with the idea has the giant special k bar I had. Yum! Although I am feeling a slight sugar rush from which I will be crashing in a few short hours. I guess I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Actually the main reason for the special k bar is my need to emotionally eat. This week has not been my best design week ever. Three projects this week have gone wrong...ah, the life of a designer. One project was to design an area of a client's homepage with a Christmas theme. The next day I made a few changes and we all thought they liked it. Two days later the client sent a finished design that someone in their office did and would like us to post that. Of course they would. Project number two started out with a Kristie/Katie combination and ended with two faxed drawings from the client of how "they" want it designed. Followed by a Paulsen project debacle, in which the whole office may hate me now. The good news the real world these things/problems are meaningless.

Tomorrow is our first annual girl craft day, hosted by Bobbi. Well, at least there is one bright spot in my week. I am going home tonight to make munchies and dream of all the cool things we are going to make tomorrow.

Monday, November 05, 2007

best commercial ever...

This one makes me laugh everytime. I love the way the squirrel dances. So creative!

happy new computer day!

Today the art department has bright shiny new computers. This makes us so happy!!! The best part is the new keyboard. Brand new keyboards just feel good. The keys are new, no food is stuck at the bottom of them. I wish it could stay new forever. I am trying to make myself promise that I will not eat at my desk anymore. Wow, that is going to be hard.

Besides the keyboard there are lots of other cool new features. I am just a nerd and I really love the keyboard :)