Monday, May 21, 2007

stay focused...

I can never seem to stay focused while shopping. It's so hard. This morning Mike & I went to Pier 1. They had a lamp we wanted to buy for the office. I did pretty well until the end. When we took the lamp up to the check out there it was. A wicker couch on clearance. I have been looking for awhile for a cool couch for my sunroom. The tag said it was usually $475.00 and on clearance it is $87.00!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So of course I instantly think there is something wrong with it. The guy said it had been discontinued. I had to have it. Bargains make me so happy. So next I needed cushions for it. They also had some of those on sale. The ones I liked were normally $100.00 a piece and they were on sale for $13.74! Ok, now I am not focused at all. Oh and I had $16.00 left on a gift card. Thank goodness we brought Mike's vehicle. There is no way all this cool stuff would fit in my little car. Here is my cool new clearance stuff!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

my favorite kind of days...

I have two favorite kind of days. They are...any day that feels like fall or Colorado. Today it feels a little like both. I LOVE these days. If you can wear a long sleeved shirt or a light jacket, I flail about. As soon as the temperature hits 80° I start counting the days until fall. Tonight I decided it was a perfect night for mowing. I blasted my ipod (the most coolest and bestest album: Glory Revealed) and enjoyed the fall/Colorado weather. If you are wondering where this obsession comes from. I inherited it from my father. Every big project we talk about doing we say "that's a perfect project for the fall" and every vacation we plan is in the fall, we are slightly obsessed.

(Only 4 months till fall!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

long list...

I have a really long list of projects I want to do with my house. There is always so much to do with an old house! This last weekend we replaced the ugliest storm door at the back of my house going to my patio. Now I have a pretty new one that actually closes! Love it. It took almost all day to install the stupid thing. Dad kept saying...this whole door frame is an 1" off! This created us a lot more work.

Next step: The end of this week or early next week I am getting a new furnace and air conditioner. I am so excited. Currently the air condition lives on the patio in a bad spot. It is also ancient. I have been waiting 5 years to move the stupid thing off my patio. I can't wait. The only not fun part is paying for all the new cool things.

Monday, May 07, 2007

cutting squares...

This is how I spent my Sunday, ironing and cutting 270 — 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" squares. Who ever came up with the rotary cutter for fabric deserves a big kiss. I love it! I am sure it sped up the process.

Step 2. The squares came to work with me today. I do not have a big enough room in my house to lay the pattern out. So I am going to do it here. I can't wait to arrange all the colors and patterns. It will be so much fun. Then I can start sewing them together :)