Thursday, September 27, 2007

I love this....

Yesterday was our Mountain exploring day. This is where I belong! It was cool & crisp. The farther into the mountains the more layers required. I love dressing for these outings. I call it my Colorado uniform. Jeans/hiking khakis; long sleeve white t-shirt layered with a short sleeved t-shirt; tennies/hiking boots; one of 3 poofy vests; a windbreaker and mittens if you are lucky. I love this state!

We stared out by going west of Denver, we didn't really have a plan. Exploring was all that was on the agenda. Our first stop was Central City. It is a really cute town, but it was filled with casinos. So we wondered around town, took a few photos and we were on our way.

Next stop was Georgetown, Co. When you go into town there is a beautiful lake, where the big horned sheep are supposed to be. Of course there were not any. I am not really sure they exist. We at lunch by the beautiful mountain lake. Next we went into town and looked at all the shops. I could totally live here. If I didn't love my job, friends & house so much. I would be here in 2 seconds. From Georgetown there is a scenic byway which is actually a mountain pass. It is the highest road in America. It was beautiful and there were lots of Aspens turning color. I think I might want to plant an aspen in my back yard. Beautiful!

We wound our way around down the mountain. Next we visited the town of Evergreen, Co. It was cute also. Then we were avoiding rush hour in Denver so we went to Red Rocks. So cool. The rocks are really, really red. I took lots of photos there. It is really more of a park when there are not concerts there.

I have posted all my mountain photos on my flickr site. Here is the address:

Today I am hanging out uploading all my photos and blogging. This afternoon I am going to go shopping and buy a pair of black shoes that do not give me blisters. Its hard to look cute and comfortable at the same time.

Hopefully, on Saturday we are going to go to Estes Park (my fav!) They are having an Elk festival. They are all over the place. It will be cool to see. More photos to come from there :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

on vacation...

Dad is at the convention center now learning about the Ace computer system, so I have time to blog the trip thus far...

The vacation adventure began by leaving Sioux Falls at 7:30 am on Saturday. I realized that morning that my camera was totally D.E.A.D.! Why does this happen when you are going on vacation?

I arrived in Lincoln and had lunch with my cousin and aunt. I then had to help my aunt pick out paint for a room they are remodeling. So I told her we should go to Barnes & Noble and look at magazines to see what kind of colors she likes. Well that lasted about 5 minutes and she got bored and she decided she was done and she just wanted to go buy paint. Great now we have no idea what we are going to buy and she has to live with her decision. I hate helping pick out paint when they have no vision!

That night I went to the new Super Target in Lincoln and bought a camera. I think its cool. It was on clearance. So that made me very happy!! Oh and I found a 2 gig memory card at Wal-Mart for $20.00. Yeah! Now I have to stop spending money!

Sunday morning was the departure day. We left Lincoln and headed west. We drove to Fort Morgan, Co and stayed the night. They had a Chinese restaurant named: Beautiful House. That made me laugh.

On Monday morning we left Fort Morgan and drove to Denver. It was raining like crazy when we got here. We found our hotel (thanks Mac the GPS), and checked in. The hotel is super cool! We are on the TV Mania floor (floor 14, room 1415-Katie). The elevator has famous voices that announce which floor you are on. There is a photo of Johnny Carson on the desk in the room. It is really cool.

Here is the room, already messed up though. I didn't get a photo taken right away.

It was kind of hard to take a photo of the bathroom. This photo does not really show how cool it is.

This is the alarm clock in the room. Cute!

This is one of my favorite parts. Its the menu from the restraunt downstairs. Its called the corner office. They actually have a whole section of the menu for dogs. Its a dog friendly hotel. You can actually order them room service!

This is the view outside our window. Can you see the mountains in the back? They are calling my name. Hopefully we will get to go west and check them out sometime soon.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver. I have never been to a Hard Rock before. Then we walked around downtown. There is a mile long outdoor pedestrian mall. It has a ton of shops. It feels like we walked forever!

We also saw this building being torn down. I just thought it looks cool, so I took some pictures of it...

We did try to go to the art museums yesterday. They are all closed on Monday. Frustrating!!!

Well, I think thats it so far. This afternoon we are going exploring again. The big part of the Ace show starts tomorrow. I might get to work on my jewelry website tomorrow, I really need to get that done!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

looking forward...

Next week is my long awaited vacation. I desperately need a break (I feel like I have been working non-stop for a week). These last 2 weeks have been crazy. But...soon I will get to go to Denver. Yeah! I heart Colorado! I am so looking forward to it. The actual real reason I get to go is Dad is attending the Ace Hardware Show there. I am tagging along to go shopping and all do other things fun.

The hotel we are staying at is called The Curtis. It is a fairly new hotel in downtown Denver. It is super cool. It has a pop art theme. A robot greets you at the door. They have cool vintage games in the lobby. Instead of a gift shop they have a 5 & Dime store where you can buy vintage toys and candy. Each floor has its own theme. I can't wait to see it! I think it might be creative heaven!

The alarm clock in each room is a vwbug :)

So next week I will be blogging from beautiful Denver (and yes the hotel has wireless internet!)

Here is the link to the hotel:

Thursday, September 13, 2007

new hair...

Tuesday was the night. I told Michael (my hairstylist) that he could do what ever he wanted. He has been wanting to cut it off for a this is the new me. I actually get to sleep in longer and it feels like I have lost about 20 lbs (I wish that was true) without all that hair!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Today I have been avoiding all that I really should be doing. So instead I decided to re-design my blog. I was tired of the name and the look. I really should be making jewelry. Instead I went to Hy-Vee and made homemade chicken noodle soup. YUM!

Now I need to focus a little and finish a freelance project and force myself to go home and make jewelry.

I think I had so much fun yesterday with Bobbi on our girl day. That now I am bored with myself!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

state fair, football & kayaking

Labor day weekend was packed with fun events.

On Saturday I went to the Nebraska State Fair with my Aunt. We ate corndogs (yum). Saw a 715 lb. pig. Which she said didn't look that big. Yeah it did! And we went to the kids petting zoo. This year they had a giraffe. So cute. These guys make me smile. Here is his portrait...I want one!

I made it home just in time to watch the football game. I LOVE Husker football! I think that when you are born there, you are just raised to love it. Its just home. The city is a buzz. Everyone is wearing red. Everyone is happy and it means fall is on the way! It's GREAT! Oh and we beat the pants off Nevada. 52 Neb - 10 Nev.

Kayaking was also on the agenda. My dad is slightly obsessed with it. It is fun though. We went 3 times. Yesterday my arms kind of hurt. It makes me feel adventurous. Dad calls the people on the lake kayaking "The Yakers". Which really makes me laugh. I kind of imagine this yak animal with paddles and a life vest, paddling around the lake. Below are our kayaks.