Thursday, July 19, 2007

new favorite artist...

Last weekend at the Brookings Art Festival I found some new cool art. One of my favorites were these super cool paintings of monsters. The artist also uses fabric. I wish I would have bought one, but they were kind of expensive. Here is her blog & website.

Check it out...

is it monday...

This conversation took place at approx 11:00 am, 7.19.07

Me: Mike is your vehicle fixed yet?

Mike: It shoud be done this afternoon. Kathy is going to pick me up and noon and take me to the gym. She is going to go to Target and shop while I work out.

Me: Does he have today off.

Mike: Yes.

Me: Since when does she have Monday off?


Me: It is? I thought it was Monday.


Oh, I am smart......

Thursday, July 12, 2007

me + ebay

My most recent ebay winning is this super cool depression glass hand. I bought it to photograph my jewelry designs on. But it also looks really cool in my room. I have always wanted one of these. Is that strange?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

who we are...

Bobbi and I were talking last week about what makes us who we are. We were taking about all the projects we use to do as kids. Sewing, knitting, art and 4-H. Mom & Grandmas that sewed and taught us to bake & cook. We think this is what has made us crazy project creative people. Are kids today missing out?? So today I finally organized my newly scanned 400 childhood photos and I found a lot of photos that reminded me why I turned out the way I did. I feel very lucky for having two creative parents, any very lucky they passed their passion on to me.

Mom & Dad.

This is my 3rd Birthday cake. I remember loving this. Thanks mom!

This is my winning kindergarten poster, it won 1st place in the whole state.
"What Safety Means to Me". I guess this is my very first graphic design.

Every year in July the family went to the Art Festival in Omaha. Here Bryce, mom & I are making art projects in the kids area. This was the best!

Little girls and brownies. What could be better?

My very first piano recital. I have never looked good in belts!

Birthday parties. These were our childhood favorites.
That is my mom in the witch costume. Fall, halloween & birthdays are the best!

Does anyone remember "Shrit Tales" & Pammy Panda?
This was my favorite cartoon.
Dad built her out of snow! Oh, the coolest!!!!

4-H and sewing. The annual summer torture! I remember having to rip out all the not perfect seems and start over. Mom was very patient with me. It must have been worth it. I won a purple ribbon and it went to state. I remember re-doing the collar/lapel over and over!

So...I think this kind of explains why I am the way I am :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Besides my regular day job of creating the last week has had fun extra creating projects. Yesterday Bobbi & I spend the 4th of July Decoupaging our super cool and super cheap tin pots. We have been wanting to this for months. We also grilled and watched fireworks.
It was a good day. This photo is stage one of the chaos.

Half way done. A lot of ohhh & ahhh at this stage.

Yeah we finished! Now where to put them? So many decisions.

Saturday was our 3rd annual Art Falls. Katie & I have made this our tradition. This year we added Nicola & New Katie. Abbey & Eric (Katie's kids) also joined us, which gave ma a great excuse to do the kids art projects. Here is Katie's link with more photos:

The photo above are our Raku creations coming out of the kiln.

This is the pot I made. And by made I mean I picked out the glaze. It is still very rewarding.

Here is my new art with the branches I had to spray paint white the minute I got home so I could put it all together. Do I have a sickness??

After spray painting, I decided to make magnets out of some old type I bought at a antique store. This has been on my list for awhile. Now I just need to find some cool things to magnet...

Here is a photo of the tie dying at Art Falls. It was the most fun part.
Thanks Abbey for letting me help.