Thursday, July 31, 2008

new glasses...

On the best girl vacation ever my glasses broke in half. I was so sad. They were my most favorite color combination. So today I picked up my new ones. They are similar in shape but as an added design flair they have real feathers pressed in the plastic (they are still a little blue and brown though). It makes a pretty cool pattern. So we will see how long these last me. I guess its a good excuse to get new fashion accessories ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008

art girls adventure...

Being back in the real world is hard today. I miss the tress, lakes and cold weather of northern Minnesota. Bobbi and Cassie and I had a great art girl vacation. Here it is...

Day 1:
Leaving for Minnesota and of course I way over packed. So in an effort to fit everything in Bert (Bobbi's Element) I quickly re-packed into a smaller suitcase. And off we went. I still had more stuff than the other girls, but I did bring some camping supplies.

We had a great little lunch in Albert Lea, MN. It is a cute town with a lake in the middle. We ate at a little cafe next to the lake. It was yummy.

Next on to Northfield, MN. Northfield is a cute town with great downtown shops. They have a store called Digs. They have the best fabric ever! So we all bought cool fabric ;)

We then headed to Minneapolis. We camped in Amy's (Cassie's friend) backyard. We had a fun dinner at Chino Latino, watched the last half of a movie in Loring Park and met up with my cool friend Eric. He even gave us a tour of the agency he works at. Very cool!

Day 2:

The next morning Bobbi and Cassie needed coffee and we needed a little internet fix. Off to the coffee shop. Then kayaking! Yeah! We went to Lake Calhoun and rented kayaks. It was Bobbi's first time and she did great. I think she might even be addicted. After kayaking we headed north! We arrived in Duluth to find cool weather. Wow, I love that place. We took a quick tour of Duluth and headed north to Two Harbors.

I love Two Harbors. It's right on Lake Superior. We stopped at a little shop and we bought matching sweatshirts. We are nerds ;) Then off to our campsite.

We took a walk along the lake while the sun was setting.
This photo is one of my favorites. It was so cool to see the sun setting behind boat.

Day 3:
The next morning we started our big sight seeing day. We had breakfast at Betty's Pies. And yes, we ate pie. It was so yummy. Then we hiked it all off at Gooseberry Falls State Park. After a nice morning hike we went to the Split Rock Lighthouse. And then onto Grand Marais. Along the road there was an amazing flea market. We actually went there twice...on the way there and on the way back. They had tables and tables of dishes and shinny glass. We were so drawn in! I bought two pyrex bowls, some silverware and a couple old keys. I think I could have stayed there forever!

In Grand Marais we ate lunch at the Crooked Spoon. We all had fresh white fish sandwiches. We shopped and sat by the lake. It was beautiful. I also bought a lighthouse and a moose cookie cutter. I can't wait to use them.

Day 4:
The next day (Thursday) we headed home. First we stopped in Duluth. We shopped a little more and had lunch. Then the long drive back began.

I had so much fun. I think I might want to live there someday. And I have the best traveling friends ever! Bobbi and Cassie are the best! Thanks girls :)

I have posted all my photos on my flickr site.

(To read Bobbi's version click here)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it's official...

So it only took me about a year, but my etsy site is up and running! YEAH! I am going to try to add more jewelry to it in the next couple of days. You can click to my etsy site through the images to the right...or the link is:

Of course it did take me a little longer than it should have. A few hours after I had it live I realized I never set up my paypal account and then my account number was at home and I had to run and get it. It's never easy ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

the sleepy day after...

Well...I am sitting at my desk today and I am a little sleepy. The weekend was fun and overwhelming. I could have never done this without my amazing friends. So many people helped and I owe them so much!

Over all we seemed busy. A couple of times there was a line-up outside of the tent of people waiting to get in! Hard to believe. On Saturday Janet figured out that we were selling 4-5 pieces an hour. That felt like a lot. Sunday was a lot slower, but that was really nice because we were tired. Total pieces sold: 47. I have not added up the total money made yet. I was so tired last night, and I could not figure it out.

I had great booth neighbors. It's so nice to know that most art people are nice. The guy next to us was having fun listening to us. I am guessing he had not been next to a booth of really happy/squeal-eee girls before.

Overall it was a great weekend ;)

Oh...and the official Flatwear Jewelry website had been launched. This week I am working on opening my so people can purchase online. I will let you know when that is up and running.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

the day...

Today was so busy and fun! It felt like we were busy all day. We are very, very tired. I feel like I can't even move. We started setting up @ 7 am. We left the park at 8 pm. Tired girls...

Here are a few photos of the booth. We start again at 10 am tomorrow. I hope we will fell like we can do it again after a good night rest. Oh, and we are waiting for our pizza to be delivered ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

God loves me...

Look...Saturday is going to be 79, breezy and cool. This seriously could not get any better...Yippie!!!!!!