Wednesday, January 23, 2008


By tomorrow afternoon I will be sitting on a sunny beach in Mexico. I work for possibly some of the most generous people on the planet. The entire office & spouses/family/friends are headed south for 5 days. Its almost hard to imagine not having to wear the goose down poofy coat for 5 days.

Of course what is a tropical vacation with out a little anxiety. Flying is not my most favorite thing in the world. I am much more of a pack up the car and drive there kind of girl. Driving is exciting, you get to see everything along the way. Stop and get out and you can take way more stuff than you need. Also the wearing of swim wear around everyone you work with does not rate very high on my list. Just hoping everyone gets really drunk and does not remember what my casper white, fat body looks like!

We have been on a marathon of work and late hours, so once we actually get there and relax it will be great. We just have to make it through the day.

I do have a fun project to take up my air time. Bobbi has taught me how to make granny squares (with Vanna White yarn :). So cute. They look way harder than they are. Although I did make 2 of them totally wrong. But now I am on the right path and they are actually square!

So stay tuned for tropical photos and stories.

Monday, January 14, 2008

pretty bird

I have been meaning to post this photo. Dad and I went to Palisades State Park the weekend before New Years day. It had snowed and it was beautiful. So we hopped out of the car and took a short hike. Well while we are walking back to the car we noticed this Cardinal. He kept going from one side of the car to the other looking at himself in the mirror. It was the silliest thing I have ever seen. I don't think he had seen himself before that day. And he was very impressed. I took a ton of photos, but this is the best one. At one point he even started pecking at the mirror.

Here he is in the tree patiently waiting for me to move away from the car so he can get back to the mirror :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

am i turning into a grandma?

Yesterday I went "thrifting" with Bobbi. Where else can you get an entire bag of goodies for $1.25? So many cute things! I came home last night and made this cute wall hanging for my spare bedroom/workroom. It consists of a wall hanging with hooks from Hobby Lobby for $6.00. Embroidery hoops & vintage fabric from the thrift store. And a torn up old quilt I bought at a garage sale last summer. So fulfilling!! The quilt on the bed is a grandma quilt I found at the Goodwill in Lincoln. And the lamp shade is from Ikea. I think I might be 33 going on 80.

But the find of the day is this really cool vintage winter coat. It makes me so happy! The color, the fur...what could be better? I saw it hanging in the antique store and I feel in love, and it even fits! It was ment to be. I think I am in love...