Monday, June 25, 2007

This is what 3 days of sewing looks like...

Sometimes I wonder why I start these crazy projects. The sewing started on Friday afternoon and ended on Sunday. The quilt just kept growing. I had originally purchased a queen size batting for the inside, thinking that would be plenty. But by the time I had the border on and the binding it had grown past a queen size. So I made it to the fabric store by 5 pm yesterday to exchange the queen for a king. I came to work (the monster does not fit anywhere in my house) and laid out the backing and the batting and realized that it was way too thin. Oh, the I leave it like it is or go to Wal-Mart (not Target :( ) and get more? Since they are the only place with batting that is open on a Sunday night. Ok, so if I am going to do all this work I am going to do it right. Off to Wal-Mart.

Back to work with the new batting. I spent another hour fighting to get all four layers flat. How come no one told me this was going to be the hard part? So I finally gave up and called in reinforcements. My super cool friend Bobbi came to the rescue. She saved the day. We pulled, smoothed and pinned the quilt for an hour and a half and now its all put together. I could not have done this without her. Thanks Bobbi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all thats left is the hand stitching. Which will probably take me another 8 months to finish. I hope it will be worth it when I am done :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

father's day trip

Our trip started bright and early on Saturday morning. Dad was excited because we were taking the convertible. Packing is harder for me in a limited space, but I was able to get everything in! We made our way to the hills, stopping in the ever popular Wall, SD. I did see a really cool pair of cowboy boots at Wall Drug, but they were $300.00. We also stopped at the Ace Hardware store in Wall. Dad actually has a map with pins in every city where he has been to an Ace. I guess its tradition. We made it to Hill City where we were staying. It was beautiful out that day, nice and cool. We walked around downtown and ate at the Alpine Inn.

Sunday was another beautiful day. We started out early. We went for a nice morning drive that required jackets! We then when to Mount Rushmore. 7 am is totally the time to go. There is no one there. Next back to Hill City for our train ride on the 1880 Train. I was so excited about this. The train died twice. One time we sat there for about a half hour while they tried to get it fixed. It was fun though. We spent the afternoon driving though Custer State Park and trying to avoid a thunderstorm since we were in the convertible.

Monday was our driving back day, we did drive through the Badlands. I was already to see some wildlife and of course we saw nothing. I think its me. The wildlife hides from me.

I have posted my trip photos on my flickr site. Here is the address:

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I recently purchased a new air conditioner & furnace. I had kind of been putting this off, but its finally done. Today is the first day I have used the air. I turned it on...and I thought it was not working. But it was, its just so quiet you can't hear it in the house at all! Can this be?? Before it sounded like there was a monster in the basement. This is so exciting! I can't wait until I have to use the heat.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I guess our family is not very organized because we have 2 big boxes of photos. Harold Photo Center has a shoe box scanning special. They will scan 400 photos for $59.00. What a bargain. Scanning is super time consuming and boring. Today I picked up my 400 photos on a cd! I am so excited to organize them in iphoto. Here is a sampling...

Bryce (my little brother, now 28) and I. I am sure all of you who know about my fall obsession will notice I am holding a pumpkin :)

This is my 4th Birthday. I received Sesame Street socks. I remember how much I loved them. Can you tell?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the best place to work...

We just had smores for an afternoon snack. Joan our super cool receptionist brought the supplies. Where else can you work and get to make smores??

Monday, June 04, 2007

projects & shopping

Saturday was a great girl shopping & visiting day. My really cool friend Bobbi & I had a girl day. We started out chatting and ended up at Hobby Lobby. You can read her Hobby Lobby account here

I am sure a few customers where afraid of us. We bought almost all the same stuff!

These really cool stars on the fence were only $2.60. So I had to have them. I had the stars that are hanging in the tree. I guess I kind of have a star theme going now.

On Sunday Dad came to work on the house. We went to Menards & Home Depot. I wanted to find plants for the hanging baskets. I did not want ferns this year, but of course I ended up with ferns. They were only $13.00 a piece and they are gigantic! We also bought plants for the big pots.

It was a good weekend!