Friday, April 27, 2007

let the sewing begin:

My super cool fabric purchase arrived today. It contains 40 squares, 18 x 24 of the most beautiful patterns and colors. I am going to make a quilt for my bedroom and then paint it a crazy pink or blue. I can't wait. It is almost too pretty to take apart. I just like looking at it all stacked up perfectly.

This is the rest of my purchase. I bought 1 lb. of scraps. These are so cool. Bobbi and I have plans for these. Stay tuned for the results of our project.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my ebay addiction.

Every couple of days I happily log on to ebay to see what cool vintage silverware is there. On Monday there was a posting for an Eames 1960 silverware set. Ok, I do not need a silverware set. But how do I pass this one up? It's an investment right? The really cool part was that no one was bidding on this super cool thing. Ray & Charles Eames were very cool designers in the 60s. They designed famous chairs like this...

So I won the whole set for $23.00. Yeah!

At the same time ebay showed me other things that seller was offering. He was selling a set of 3 vintage Nebraska Postcards. No one was bidding on them either. So of couse I thought they would be so cool framed in my house. I won those today also for only $5.99.

Prayer for the day: Please make my ebay addiction stop :)

so cool...

At three minutes and four seconds after 2 AM on the 6th of May this year,

the time and date will be 02:03:04, 05/06/07

This will never happen again.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

for crying out loud...

Yesterday was designer learning day. The speakers favorite saying was..."for crying out loud". You know its going to be a good presentation when that is his favorite quote.

Actually the preparations for this day began on Monday. I unwillingly volunteered to be the food committee for the all day event. I already had Honey Baked Ham lined up for the lunch but I had to take care of drinks and snacks. So Monday night I went to Sam's. I hate Sam's. I do not have a membership card. Why would a single girl have a card for a store where the smallest quantity of a product is 1600? So I borrowed the Paulsen card and set out on my journey. I did not know where anything was, since I never go there. About half way though my shopping my shoe broke. It was one of those cute little black ballet slipper type shoes and the button to the cute little strap popped off. Number 125 why I hate Sam's! My shoe breaks there. So I get home with all my supplies and it takes 26 trips in the house to carry in the 10 - 12 packs of pop, 7 dozen muffins and 3 dozen pieces of fruit. All together we were feeding about 70 people.

On Wednesday morning, the morning of the workshop. Mike picks me up @ 7:00 am. I talked him into helping me since he has muscles and a blazer. All that crazy food would not fit in my car. So we start loading up the food. Mike goes to pick up the bananas and drops them through the stairs in the basement. Yikes. The only way to retrieve them is to bend a hanger into a banana fishing pole and fish for them. After a few minutes he retrieves the bananas and we are on our way. We stop to buy ice and then to the event location.

We get there and start unloading the food and setting up. The sign-up begins @ 8:30. It is now 7:45 am and I have not started the coffee. It is generally not a good idea to have the person who never drinks coffee and does not know how to make coffee in charge of that. The first couple of people drank more of a tea than coffee.

The learning began. Designers are kind of a strange group of people. My friend Bobbi said it best...where else can you find a room full of people who get excited about ruler lines? Yes, its true, the strangest things make up happy.

Lunch begins and I realize we have run out of water. Since I did not drive, Mike dropped me off, I borrowed Jon's car and headed to Hy-Vee. You know how if your credit card is not signed the cashier usually checks your drivers license. Well I had my fancy AIGA name tag on. The cashier said...I guess I don't have to check your license. (Note to self, you look like a dork if you wear a name tag to Hy-Vee).

Back to the presentation. The afternoon session was good. I think we learned a lot. Its funny how once you get something like that all set up, you forget that you have to take it all back home with you.

After all that, I was kind of tired last night. I tried to stay up to watch my new favorite show. Shear Genius. (It's like Project Runway, but with hair styling.) I fell asleep before the end of it and missed who got kicked off.

It was good to be back at work today :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

mini vacation :)

I had so much fun this weekend its hard to know where to start. I guess I will break it out day by day...

I picked up Bobbi @ 9:00 am and we headed out of town. We talked non-stop all the way to Northfield, MN. We stopped in Northfield for shopping fun. It is a cute college town. They have the coolest vintage buildings and the best shops. We ate at a great sandwich shop and shopped the afternoon away. We both purchased some vintage silverware at an antique store. Now I have brought another friend over to the dark side of vintage silverware :) One of the really cool stores, is a store called Digs. Bobbi saw it in one of her magazines. They have the best fabric, yarn and other cool things. Here is their link:

We decided it was time to head to the big city. We typed our destination into the GPS (which we named Mac, in honor of our favorite singer) and headed north. We arrived at our destination (thanks Mac). Our hotel was very cool (thanks Shane). It was an old Railroad depot that has been converted into a hotel. It has the best, puffy beds. We felt like queens.

Here is the view from our hotel window.

We continued chatting and getting ready for the concert. We left the hotel. I don't know why Mac the GPS tells us distances in yards. Because I don't know what 1000 yards looks like! So I took a few turns a little early and we went around the block a couple of times. We finally made it to the concert. We had really great seats. It was a smaller auditorium and we could see really well. It was the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life. I did not want it to end.

Then back to the hotel, then to Dunn Brothers coffee for a snack and to bed.

Was happy with hope of more shopping and meeting Bobbi's friend K. We went to her house, of course with the help of Mac. K took us to a cool little coffee shop attached to a yarn shop. It was so cool. We had coffee, yummies and conversation. Next to the yarn shop. It was so cool. I think I wanted everything. There was alot of squealing. 3 designers who love color in a yarn shop is a crazy thing. I purchased 3 skeins of yarn. Bobbi was going to teach me how to crochet. Now I was set. Of course all the yarn I purchased fits into my favorite color category of blue & brown. We actually made it out of the shop and then saw some really cool purses in the window and had to go back in and buy those. They were so worth it. Then on to a more cool stores. Bibelot, lunch at Highland Grill and a super cool store Patina. They had the coolest stuff, I wanted it all!!! And the design of the store is amazing. Here is their link

I also saw a restaurant called bread & chocolate. If we would have had more time. I totally would have been there. I think it may be my home.

Lunch at the Highland Grill was fun. It was a funky little grill/diner. It has the coolest bright green on one wall. We had fried green beans & sweet potato fries. Yum.

the cool girls

Besides loving pretty, shiny, design things. We all love animals. Perhaps K loves them more than the rest of us (check out her blog to see her zoo... She is amazing. So we went to a pet store to see Hedgehogs & puppies. We ended our shopping day by hanging out in the hotel room. We talked some more, B taught me how to crochet. Later that evening we decided we wanted Dairy Queen. Someone was talking about it at the concert and then we wanted ice cream. We pulled out our trusty GPS Mac, and found the nearest location. When he said we had arrived at our destination all that was there was an Arbys that was closed. NO!!! So we drove around for awhile looking for ice cream. The not so smart thing was that there was a Twins game that night. And we were staying close to the dome. So on our ice cream hunt I blindly drove into the parking lot of the dome as the game was getting over. Panic! We made our way out :0, went back to the hotel and went back to our safe zone Dunn Brothers coffee for the 3rd time. Then back to the room.

We left the hotel and headed home. We stopped in Medford and the outlets and bought some cool stuff. Shopping is good. We arrived home around 6 pm. Of course we talked at each other all the way home. Below is a picture of the swag I assembled over the weekend. I guess my purchases were a little random. Some how I ended up with 3 purses and some fabric to make a 4th. What?

Last night I worked on my new crochet project. I am so addicted now. Its so much faster than knitting. I can't wait to finish the scarf I started. Thanks B!

Thanks girls for the fun weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

i won!!!!

OK, I know awhile back I swore off ebay after a stupid purchase. But...ebay has some really great silverware. I am very excited about this one. It was a buy it now or a best offer. I offered them $5 and they excepted! I can't wait till it gets here :) I am currently bidding on 2 other auctions, so exciting!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

new paulsen website...

Today we are launching a new Paulsen site. It is targeted toward our ag clients. Our cool new site is a story book containing all the funny ag stories that have happened to everyone here. Check it out...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my next vacation...

Dad and I watched the travel channel a lot this weekend. They were having a marathon of the show "The Best Places to Find Cash & Treasures". I love this show and I totally want her job. One of the shows was about diamond hunting. They were at a State Park in Arkansas. This is totally my next vacation. They plow up a field and you take a bucket and a shovel and start hunting. I know this could be totally addicting. I think I might have a hard time leaving this place. Here is the link to their site...just incase you want to check it out...
april 10 ????

Monday, April 09, 2007

easter weekend

I traveled to Lincoln, NE for Easter. I LOVE my ipod. It is the best car companion a single girl can have :) I arrived in town and went to the ACE store my dad manages. He said he made an appointment to get my car detailed. YEAH!!!!!! I have always wanted to do this and it totally lived up to my expectations! Only down fall, now I was with out a car. We ate at Runza, a Nebraska original, it always makes me feel like home. Then I needed to go to the grocery store. There is one next to the ACE store. It is a little neighborhood store. I call it the blast from the past store. They have a weird selection of foods. The spices for baking are actually in the meat isle?? Everyone knows everyone. All of the customers stand around a chat about their weekend. They do not have actual meat in packages, it all has to be purchased from the meat counter. Which I hate, because I never know what I am asking for. The produce isle has a produce natzi. I put an onion in my cart and he rushes over and grabs it out, weights it and puts it in a brown bag with the price on it. For some reason I like to buy my groceries with out having to deal with a bunch of people, especially the produce natzi. Now I head for home to make a 5 layer chocolate pie that needs to chill for 4 hours. 4 hours I do not have.

Earlier in the week I purchased the Betty's Pies recipe book from If you are ever in Two Harbors, MN, Betty's Pies is the place to stop. So I thought it would be fun to make my favorite pie from Betty's. Since it is 5 layers it takes a while to make. I actually ended up putting it in the freezer to speed cooling time. The pie turned out pretty good. I think it may have been better if I had allowed it more time to cool.

This is the 20 lb fur ball that helped me make the pie. He loves to sit and meow at you when you are in the kitchen. Especially anytime you turn on the faucet. Doing the dishes around him is very difficult. He is water obsessed!

Around 6 pm on Saturday we went to my aunts for Easter dinner. Baby Grover was there. I did finally finish the baby blanket. It actually turned out a little larger than I thought it would. I guess he can grow into it. Below is a photo of the finished blanket. I kind of wanted to keep it for myself :)

One of our holiday traditions is Rainbow Jello. Or as we like to call it Hell Jello. I was the chosen one to provide this dish for Christmas. It takes about 4 days to make, since you have to let each layer totally set up. Hence the name Hell Jello. My aunt decided to try it out for Easter. I read her the recipe over the phone. I assumed she knew how to make jello...instead of boiling the water to mix with the powder, she used hot tap water. Well, none of the Jello would actually set up or dissolve. It was a runny, gooey mess. It kind of looked like a science project. Of course it was my fault because I did not tell her to boil the water. Who does not know how to make Jello??

The last cool thing about Easter was dad gave me a drill press. YES a drill press!!! I have been wanting one to drill the holes in my jewelry. The regular drill makes my arm feel like its going to fall off. I guess drilling through metal is not the easiest thing. A guy dad works with sold it to him for $30. Which is a great deal. A new one costs around $100. I can't wait to use it!

Happy Easter :)

Friday, April 06, 2007



happy anniversary...

This week marks my fifth anniversary with my house. Thanks to my super handy dad, many improvements have been made. I do still have a wish list. Someday we will do the complete bathroom remodel. This spring I want to tear out the 80 year old bushes on the south side of the house and replace them with burning bushes. I love spring. So much to do. :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

creative life...

This is how I feel today, creating what feels like a million ads for a client. It has sucked all the creative juices right out of me. My day was spent with these ads. What was more annoying was that they are strip ads. Which mean they run at the bottom of papers. They are all about 10" x 1", some in color, some black & white. I need to do something creative tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers :) Ah, the life of an Art Director.