Monday, December 22, 2008

done, done, done and done...

Since it was snowy and blowy all weekend long I stayed inside my warn cozy little house and accomplished a lot! It is such a good feeling.

• I finished two custom jewelry orders for a total of nine pieces.
(photo above: 7 necklaces for a January wedding)

• I finally put up the Christmas tree.
(I know I almost did not mess with it)

• Wrapped all the presents (for those of you who are or know designers this is not a fast process).

• Made 3 batches of required cookies to bring home for Christmas (the cookie tradition has been passed down to me now and I have to make them exactly how my mom made them). Also if you have ever made spritz cookies you know what a pain that is! Maybe someday they will make those easy to make.

Now all that is left is laundry and car packing and driving to Lincoln. All is well ;)


Rani said...

those are so beautiful

Merry Christmas!

KristieLou said...

Hey Rani...

If it ever stops snowing I could come visit you guys ;)

Miss ya.
Merry Christmas

overcaffeinatedkatie said...


(Em's making lattes at work this morning)

K~ said...

They turned out so beautiful. I really like them. K~

Karen said...

That will be the coolest wedding party ever. I hope they give you a pic.

eva slipper said...

beautiful share
thank you